Kitchen Philosophy

    Briefly we serve traditional Hungarian courses in Alabárdos, in a revised form… But let’s just think about it, what do we call an original Hungarian meal? Most of the „traditional” Hungarian courses came from the nations living between the ever-changing borders and in neighboring areas of our country. Here in Alabárdos the meals of last century’s civil kitchen are served to our guests.

    These courses originate from the period before paprika appeared, characterized by saffron, ginger, and pepper flavors. Those who are walking in Országház Street in the daytime and peek into the restaurant, might associate to, due to the character of the restaurant and garden, archaic, heavy feasts, but the meals arriving to the elegant tables are a mix of tradition and creativity.

    Our courses are modern, with light texture, worked out details and special harmonic taste. Alabárdos is a workshop and gourmet restaurant at the same time, the kitchen is a dialogue with the guest.

    The materials used, mostly come from domestic producers and are processed by advanced kitchen technologies, so that not only the taste but also the valuable nutrients remain.


    Flavours and Wines.

    The dinner is complete with high-quality and selected Hungarian wines. When choosing the wine we make sure that the aromas and textures supplement the course. Therefore the guests of Alabárdos can chose from 150 kind, high-quality, Hungarian wines from our constantly updated wine list, on which you can also find a few foreign wine and champagne specials. Of course we do not abandon our guests when choosing: our professional sommelier is happy to help you select the wine that goes best with your course and your taste.


    In Alabárdos you can enjoy a light classical guitar music with your dinner in the performance of our professional guitar player Péter Gönczi.